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Game-used SOVIET RED ARMY hockey jersey

FANTASTIC game-used Soviet RED ARMY jersey from the powerful, world-championship team, that no longer exists.

This is a heavy-weight CCM manufactured jersey, complete with Maska tag sewn in collar. The size is 52. On the front of the jersey is the infamous hammer and sickle within the red star. This emblem also appears on both shoulders of the jersey, as shown above. Also displayed is one of two patches. The STATUS patch is a heavily embroidered patch, worn while playing in the Soviet Union.

The player who wore this jersey was IGOR CHIBIREV; a center, who played briefly in the NHL for the Hartford Whalers.
The back of the jersey features a sewn-on nameplate, with the player's name in Cyrillic form and a second patch, which is silk-screened, but sewn-on. The stitched CCM trademark is also displayed. This jersey also has a sewn-in fighting strap.

This jersey exhibits TONS of use and wear.
Not only is this jersey a FABULOUS addition to any hockey memorabilia collection, but also a very HISTORICAL item from a political entity that no longer exists.